Separating church and state

Yesterday, Sept. 12, was the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's speech to a meeting of the Greater Houston Ministerial Alliance. The speech, in which he addresses his faith and the need to separate church and state, has become the template to measure politican's private faith and public service.

NCR, ran an analysis of current religion-political relations that used Kennedy's speech as a starting point: JFK and the cafeteria bishops: 50 years after Kennedy asserted independence from the pope, tide has turned.

Now read this story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Santorum injecting faith into presidential discussion

WASHINGTON -- In trying to become the second Roman Catholic president of the United States, Rick Santorum will seek to refute a key campaign plank of the first.

Fifty years after John F. Kennedy gave a landmark speech addressing his faith and the need to separate church and state, Mr. Santorum [spoke Sept. 9] in Houston about the need for an increased role for religion in public life.

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