Top ten stories in January

Top-ten stories on

The five parts of the five-part essay by Sr. Sandra Schneiders, Religious life as prophetic life form, took five of the top-10 most-viewed stories on the NCR web site in January.

If we pull Sr. Schneiders' essay out of the line-up, the top stories are:

  1. Mary Daly, radical feminist theologian, dead at 81

  2. NCR Today: The NCR group blog

  3. Mother Millea urges U.S. religious to comply with study

  4. Papal liturgist endorses 'reform of the reform'

  5. Bishop: 'Schneiders' analysis inspiring, challenging'

  6. For Mary Daly: in memory of courage walking

  7. A theologian-pope sidelines theology

  8. Haiti: The rest of the story is ours

  9. Jews move to halt spitting at Christians in Jerusalem

  10. Gay marriage in Latin America, and a breakaway church in Uganda

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