Two polls you might not yet have seen

Two weeks from Election Day and the presidential candidates are all looking for an edge and trying to avoid all missteps.  And of course polls are everywhere. At home I received two phone calls from polling services the last two nights. Here are two polls that you may not have heard about.

7-11 coffee cups Obama = 59% Romney = 41%

For the 7-Election 2012 presidential poll run by 7-11 stores, customers have the option of buying their jolt of java in a blue Obama cup or a red Romney cup. According to the convenience store web site, the poll — “get your steaming hot cup of democracy” — has been taken every presidential election since 2000. Though completely unscientific, the polls have closely mirrored the general election results and have correctly selected the winners.

Candidate 7-Election Actual
Election 2012 -- as of Oct. 23
Romney 41.0% --
Obama 59.0% --
Election 2008
McCain 46.0% 45.7%
Obama 52.0% 52.9%
Election 2004
Bush 51.0% 50.7%
Kerry 49.0% 48.3%
Election 2000*
Bush 21.0% 47.9%
Gore 20.0% 48.4%
*Coffee buyers in 2000 had a third option, a beige non-partisan cup. This option was not offered in subsequent elections.

Here is the 7-Election 2012 results broken down by states.

Nickelodeon's 2012 Kids Pick the President "Kids' Vote." Obama = 65% Romney 35%

From our sister publication: A Place to Call Home, a new series focusing on women religious helping people who are homeless. Read more

Cable TV channel Nickelodean conducted its 7th presidential poll for viewers. Nick says that half a million kids voted online Oct. 15-22 and Obama won by a landslide. The channel says that the kids have correctly picked the presidential winner every election cycle since 1988.

“This year's candidate special featured President Obama sitting down with Nick News at the White House to answer kids' questions and previously taped video clips of Romney addressing issues raised by kids.  Romney was unable to participate in the special,” a press release from Nickelodean said.

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