WATCH: Caroline Myss doesn't hold back on Pope Francis, women's ordination

Last month, the IN Network released a video, The Francis Effect: Three Voices, that contained candid reactions about Pope Francis from people who haven't always had an easy time with the church. With one out of every 10 Americans identifying as a former Catholic, we wanted to talk with individuals who've struggled with the institutional church to see what effect, if any, Francis has had on them.

One of the interview subjects was Caroline Myss, a five-time New York Times bestselling author of books ranging from human consciousness to mysticism. A self-identified Catholic with a theology master's degree from Mundelein College, Caroline regularly gives sold-out talks on subjects ranging from Teresa of Avila, healing, and intuition, and has been a frequent guest on Oprah and OWN programs, gaining a large stronghold in the self-help, new age world (though she does not categorize her writings as such).

"I have issues with the Vatican -- oh, do I ever," Caroline told us. "But then, I realize that the Catholic church is both a spiritual apex and a corporation -- and the oldest of both in the world. Catholicism is undergoing a profound transition, and hopefully that will lead to a transformation."

Below is Caroline's extended interview where she gives her candid (and we truly mean candid) opinions on women's ordination, sexuality in the church, church leadership, and more.

Check it out and let us know what you think of Caroline's take on the current state of affairs, and don't miss the original video that includes interviews with gay Boston College theologian John McDargh, and Peter Saunders, the abuse survivor who met privately with Pope Francis in July.


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