Webathon: Reached $50,000! - Only hours left to go beyond our dreams

Drum roll please…………

We have reached -- and gone beyond -- our goal of $50,000.

Indeed, we are at the $55,000 mark. Imagine. Imagine a progressive Catholic success story in our church today!

We have only a few hours left today. We would very much like to hit $60,000.

If you have not given – if you are one of those who waits until the last minute - this is the time to donate to high quality, independent Catholic journalism.

This will be the only time on this Web site we will ask for money for one year. This site is free. Help us keep it that way. But we still have to pay our staff. They eat just like the rest of us.

Let’s continue to build community here.

Only hours left! This is the last big day of our Webathon, the last heavy traffic day, the last chance to raise $5,000. $5,000 more would take us to the $60,000 mark.

Just a few dollars from the many who come here daily.

Please donate.

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