Endowment Gifts: Introducing the Tom Fox Fund

Our Endowment Is Our Future

When we invite you to invest in NCR’s endowment, we are talking about securing independent Catholic journalism in perpetuity. We're talking about extending your voice and ours for generations to come.

What is Endowment?

An endowment is a permanent fund that provides annual support to NCR. Endowment funds are set aside, carefully managed for growth. As the principle grows and generates interest, a portion the interest earned becomes a regular and growing stream of support. This is how we prudently set money aside to ensure NCR’s voice will continue.

Planned Gifts Build Endowment

There are many ways to make an endowment gift. Outright gifts of cash and appreciated securities, of any size, provide an immediate boost to our endowment and are gratefully received. One of the best ways to make a meaningful endowment gift (and reap some personal benefits as well) is to make a “planned gift.”

Planned gifts include gifts created through your will, living trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy. Also included are what we call “income gifts” such as charitable trusts and gift annuities that provide you with an income stream for the rest of your life. To discover ideas that are uniquely suited to your particular age and gift capacity click here

Some planned gifts entitle you to an immediate income tax deduction; others provide flexibility during your lifetime and can provide benefits to your estate and your heirs. All of them enable you to create a philanthropic legacy much more meaningful than you may have ever imagined.

We will be honored to talk with you confidentially about the opportunities for you to support our endowment. Please contact us to see how we might assist you.

Thank you for your interest and support! The gifts you plan today will create a solid foundation for NCR tomorrow and far into the future.

Introducing the Tom Fox Fund

In 2016, the NCR Board of Directors established the board-designated Tom Fox Fund to Sustain Independent Catholic Journalism (Tom Fox Fund,) in honor of Tom’s 36 years of dedicated service to NCR as editor and publisher. The board recognizes the urgency to keep NCR’s independent voice alive, as newspapers are threatened by intense economic pressures. At a time when digital technology has expanded the readership and influence of the National Catholic Reporter--making it easily accessible worldwide--declining print subscriptions has limited our operating revenue.

The NCR Board has set a goal of $10M to support NCR’s journalism in perpetuity. We have 100% board participation in helping us achieve this goal! The response by NCR’s loyal and generous donors has been extraordinary with nearly half of the goal raised already.

By making a gift to the Tom Fox Fund you are investing in the future of independent Catholic journalism. All gifts are invested to provide perpetual income in support of NCR’s journalism, in accordance with NCR’s investment policy. Gifts can be made through any number of means. Simply designate your gift to the TFF. If you prefer to spread your gift commitment over time, multi-year pledges are welcome.

To make an online gift to the Tom Fox Fund using a credit card, click here.

And finally, consider making a designation through your will or estate plan.

Would you like to create a named fund? We can help you with that. See what some other supporters have done.

Please contact our development office at 1-800-444-8910, ext. 2217 for more information.

* Our Gift Acceptance Policy is available for your review.