Three Black Catholics Continuing the Journey

November 19, 2021

Presented by Dr. Ansel Augustine, Msgr. Ray East, ValLimar Jansen
Each a national leader in their own ministry, our guests shared their reflections on how their ministries, entrusted to them by God, continue the journey of Black Catholics in the U.S. Catholic Church.

Watch the session recording.

This was the second session in November offered in celebration of Black Catholic History Month. Watch the first session here.  


Video recordings of November sessions held in celebration of Black History Month:
Suggested videos:
  • Black Faith Matters: Created by Spirit Juice Entertainment Group, a short documentary sheds light on one story of the Black Catholic experiences, specifically in the Tremé portion of New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Selma: In our preparation meetings with the women who presented the Sisters of Selma session, they said that this movie resonated with their experiences of what transpired those days on the bridge in Selma.
  • True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality: Told primarily in Bryan Stevenson’s own words, True Justice is about what we need to do as a nation to bring about a new era of truth and justice. The documentary won an Emmy for Outstanding Social Issue in September 2020. You may want to be sure your teacher friends know about the lesson plans and resources.  

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