On becoming a better steward of water: Showers with a bucket

How climate strikes, Greta Thunberg and a book changed the way I bathe

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On the heels of last fall’s global climate strikes and Greta Thunberg’s captivating U.S. visit, I happened on a book on the future of water in a thrift store. Along with talk of a new reservoir nearby and discussion of a drier future ahead, the book got me thinking about becoming a better steward of the planet, something I had not given thought to since trying to read Laudato Si’ years ago. 

Now I voluntarily shower only three times each week, with a bucket to catch water for cleaning the bathtub. The showers feel more precious now, more invigorating. It’s a habit that remains, even with this pandemic, a situation that reminds me to be mindful of how much I consume in relation to others, whether it’s water, toilet paper or food.
-- Gaston Lopez lives in Fort Collins, CO. and describes himself like this: "Studied science, still finding the right calling, making life work out anyway out west."


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