Closer to the world: A bicycle for Gary

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Gary Moos

I was fishing in the Potomac River when the flash floods hit. Driving home, the rising waters swamped our 2005 Toyota and totaled it.

According to Google maps, my ten-minute fishing commute was about to become four minutes longer. In fact, that flood added so much more. We went car-less, and I got a bike. Now, my trips to the pier include 14 minutes of the road rushing just under my feet, 14 minutes of leg-burning exercise, 14 minutes that I’m closer to the world around me, without the metal and glass cage I used to drive.

Columbia engineering researchers say flash floods are on the rise due to climate change and various human influences. That sounds right to me, but I know this for sure: This flash flood took at least one car off the road, maybe not forever, but definitely for good.

Gary Moos is a videographer/editor and cofounder of who lives in Alexandria, VA.

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