Fasting from Food Waste

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As we begin Lent, we ponder what it means to enter a period of fasting by reflecting on words from Pope Francis' 2019 Lenten Message: 

"Fasting, that is, learning to change our attitude towards others and all of creation, turning away from the temptation to 'devour' everything to satisfy our voracity and being ready to suffer for love, which can fill the emptiness of our hearts."

Thirty percent of food grown globally is wasted each year. How is God inviting you "to change your attitude" or practice conversion in your relationship with food or on the issue of food waste this Lent?


Sign up for the Ignatian Solidarity Network's Lenten Food Waste Fast to learn practical tips to reduce the amount of food discarded in your home or institution.

Lenten Daily Food Reflections
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Editor's note: These daily reflectinos on food, faith, climate and our lives will provide spiritual sustenance for the Lenten journey. They are inspired by the Lenten Food Waste Fast at the Ignatian Solidarity Network. 

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