The only cupcakes I ever bake (or crave)

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Carol Mitchell (NCR photo by Bill Mitchell)
Carol Mitchell (NCR photo by Bill Mitchell)

Feeding my family food they love is one of my greatest joys, especially around holidays. It was the week before Christmas and I felt I had the food situation settled. I had planned meals to appeal to the out of town visitors, a mixture of meat lovers and vegetarians. That was when I learned our son, arriving soon, had become vegan. Yikes!

Thus began the adventure: learning a whole new way to cook. It was, in a strange way, a terrific Christmas present. I learned to make vegan pancakes, satisfying lentil dishes and delicious tempeh recipes. It’s difficult to imagine going fully vegan, but we do eat some vegan meals weekly.

The linkage between healthier diets and a healthier ecosystem is well established. But who knew vegan could taste so good? The only cupcakes I make now are completely vegan, and not just because they’re better for the planet. -- Carol Mitchell is a spiritual director in Brookline, MA. and is married to EarthBeat editor Bill Mitchell.

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Making vegan cupcakes with the grandchildren (NCR photo by Bill Mitchell)
Making vegan cupcakes with the grandchildren (NCR photo by Bill Mitchell)

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