Uruguayan bishop admits having sex with two men

MINAS, Uruguay -- An Uruguayan bishop asked forgiveness of Catholics in his diocese after revealing that two men with whom he had sex were blackmailing him.

In a letter read at Masses June 27 and 28, Bishop Francisco Barbosa da Silveira, 65, of Minas wrote, "I never wanted to cause sadness to anyone, especially you, the people whom the Lord entrusted to me to accompany and encourage."

The bishop said he would "obediently do whatever the church asks of me."

The Uruguayan newspaper El Pais reported that the two men were former prison inmates who began doing odd jobs around the bishop's residence and office after asking the bishop for assistance. Sex acts in December involving the bishop and the men were recorded on a mobile phone, and soon afterward the men began blackmailing the prelate, who went to police about a month ago, the newspaper said.

One of the men was arrested and charged with extortion. The other was already in jail on other charges.

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