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After publishing some letters to the editor on an editorial in which NCR editorial staff addressed formal impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump, more letters came to our inbox. NCR published another editorial on the impeachment this week calling on our nation to uphold our principles and remember our founding documents. Letters to the editor have been edited for length and clarity.

So far, not a single word from the bishops on the impeachment of some of the completely nutty leaders of our government.

Perhaps, we should be considering impeaching some of the completely nutty leaders of our church.

Paterson, New Jersey


NCR are you on the Democrats' payroll? Finally tipping the scales to impeachment? 

The Democrats have been attempting to impeach President Donald Trump since he took office, essentially fomenting a revolt against a legitimately elected president as their political focus.

Letters to the Editor

Since his election, the president has reaffirmed in both word and action his support of the unborn and the limitation or elimination of federal support for abortion.

The economy has grown, improving American lives.

Most importantly he was the first president to reach across the North Korean border and enter that country in search of peace. This overcame years of hatred and animosity that was fast approaching a nuclear situation and he stopped it.

Regarding immigration — he has only continued all past presidential practices of protecting our borders, what he swore to do on entering office.

He has appointed reasonable, ethical, honest family focused Supreme Court justices.

And what have Democrats done, you know the party you are pandering to? 

A lengthy expensive and distracting Mueller investigation, a failed attempt to lead to impeachment.

A lengthy and horribly unethical, corrupt attack on the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and now this. To echo another writer — are you even Catholic? 

Fresno, California


I appreciated the articles that were written. I thought that the responses by people who read your paper were alarming and discouraging.

The lessons that were taught to us as children before Vatican II still live on within our Catholic community. Poor Pope Francis is trying to move us beyond our old way of thinking. There aren't many of us who have eight or more children and tried to live up to those old teachings.

I have often said that I was more alarmed by the people who supported President Donald Trump than I was by Trump.

Federal Way, Washington


I was blown away by the negative responses to your stories on impeachment and the Amazon ("Are you people even Catholic?" and "You're nuts").

I for one struggle to understand the defense of a president who has no respect (or should I say has open contempt) for our country, our Constitution, our earth and the people in it, and who sees every transaction and relationship in terms of expanding his own wealth. He by no means exhibits the empathy or behavior that we'd expect from any fellow human, let alone a world leader.

Please, National Catholic Reporter, continue to offer your fresh perspective. Your alternative view to the reactionary factions in the church are about the only thread that keeps me from abandoning it completely.

Randolph, Vermont


I read very little substance in the letters to the editor regarding the impeachment and the climate problems. The selection of responses showed me that Catholics are very emotional about their president and the Amazon, and show their emotions with very little fact. This is very sad.

Indeed, the president should be impeached despite the economy which President Barack Obama created over his eight years in office. President Donald Trump has had a free ride on the economy because of Obama.

As for the climate, the world is in big, big trouble and the burden of that trouble is on us. If we don't do something indeed our children and grandchildren will have no future.

Wenatchee, Washington


As far as the impeachment of President Donald Trump, all I have to say is that his words, Tweets and support of hate groups is unchristian.

As far as his supposed position of being pro-life, I see it as a political position to attract the Christian vote, as has been the practice of most Republicans for years. Has the anti-abortion cause advanced nationally? Even with Republican presidents and senate and/or U.S. representatives? No one and especially no Christian is for abortion. But would Jesus condemn, persecute legally and judge? I do not think so. Our father in heaven is infinitely merciful. We need to look at the causes of that horrible action and act on them.

Moving on to climate change, it is unconscionable and preposterous to go against the immense majority of scientists who tell us unequivocally that it is happening and destroying our common home due mainly to the fossil fuel industry, owned by greedy people and a system that operates on profit.

The gap between the haves and have-nots is an abomination. One percent of the world population own 45% of the world's wealth. In our country, the median family makes approximately $80,000 while the 1% make between $10 million and $26 million a year.

Does this look like a family? Is this the will of our heavenly father? Jesus said, "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." That is the kingdom of God.

Hastings, Pennsylvania


There are not many of the 10 commandments that President Donald Trump hasn't broken, and does anyone believe that he loves God with all his heart and his neighbor as himself?

No politician is going to agree with me about everything. But I deeply believe that the president should put the country above his own personal and financial interests.

He lies so often that I have trouble believing anything he says is a genuine belief and not just a wave at what might be the easiest way to get votes and cheers from the crowd.

Atlanta, Georgia


I can only assume from the letters to the editor published (as representing "the full range of letters received") that the letter writers were unanimous in their support of President Donald Trump. Does their information come solely from Fox News?

I found your editorial to be well stated and rational, affirming my belief that our American values of hospitality, generosity, honesty, global cooperation, and genuine concern for the welfare of others, have been terribly trampled by the present administration.

Cincinnati, Ohio


Nearly all whose replies to NCR's article on impeaching President Donald Trump were hostile. Such hostility among Americans has been the result of the president's harsh terminology and his persistent use of negative terms when speaking to or about other humans for whom he has no respect. Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims are among those whom Trump speaks without respect that they, too, are our brothers and sisters in the human race.

It is difficult to respect Trump, who lies frequently and shows such disrespect for others.

These are among the reasons we need to elect a president who can earn the respect of his/her fellow citizens and lead the United States in a way he/she is respected by people around the globe.

Fitchburg, Wisconsin


Has it occurred to any of you that if President Donald Trump is impeached and Vice President Mike Pence is somehow implicated in the Ukraine brouhaha, then Nancy Pelosi becomes president? Put that in your collective peace pipe and smoke it for a while. She is just barely tolerated within her own party.

I have long thought that Trump is the right person in the right place at the right time, reflecting often upon William Cowper's poem: "The Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform."

Kalispell, Montana


I returned to Catholicism after 52 years.

In reading comments opposing the article "Impeachment inquiry against Trump is well worth the effort" I am sadly surprised any Catholics are incredulous about the idea of impeachment. They are reminiscent of the pharisees of the temple. Language matters.

Numerous acts by the president warrant inclusion in the impeachment inquiry. Collusion with the Russians was not proved in the Mueller Report because Trump blocked that investigation. No one was allowed to tell the truth, add obstructing justice.

Yes, lower unemployment. Drilling creates jobs right away. Solar creates more jobs and a clean environment. We have a hundred years of proven oil reserves. We have been here thousands of years. If we are down to 100 years of reserves it is time to turn the spigot way down.

Had President Barack Obama not been totally blocked by Sen. Mitch McConnell, unemployment would have been much lower by the end of his presidency with infrastructure improvement at full speed ahead.

The Republicans did nothing when they had the House. Their acquiescence co-signed his example of "morality" to be emulated by our young.

This inquiry will lead to a vote of impeachment in the house because he has committed numerous impeachable offenses.

Santa Maria, California


We, that no longer subscribe to the NCR or attend the Roman Church, are so pleased to see that the editorial staff has gone all out for socialism. You have led the way in persuading the masses that Jesus was a socialist asking all of us to forget our neighbor and give our wealth to the Holy State that will take care of all our needs and our deplorable neighbors.

We can now focus on the sins of our president and forget the sedition, subversion, and near treason of the beautiful Obama Administration who sought to rid us of our constitution and overthrow our way of life free from government interference. For eight years we were lied to and spied upon by nearly every branch of our government and their socialist fellow travelers. Our economy was stagnated, and our country was flooded with thousands of Muslims who now live in conclaves of Sharia Law ignoring our traditions and constitution.

You made social justice into a synonym for socialism and are trying to lead us on a fool's game path to a nonexistent nirvana. You are doing this while advocating the impeachment of our current president without one legal impeachable charge. We are no longer the ignorant peasants of the Middle Ages with no free thinking or education and we can see a new day arriving of prosperity and justice. The legal system that you say President Donald Trump is abusing is about to come down all over the previous administration.

Phoenix, Arizona

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