Book Review

Q&A with the Rev. William Barber, building 'fusion coalition' that unites people against poverty

Interview with the author: "We must build a fusion coalition that unites people around common values. Our appeal can't be about right or left, but rather about right or wrong. We must come together on the firm ground of truth and lift this nation to higher ground."

Women's Ordination Conference surveys Catholic women in lay ministry

Although survey respondents overwhelmingly described their Catholic identity as "extremely important," they described a lack of leadership opportunities, financial insecurity and clericalism as barriers to ministry.

Book Review

'Dear Joan Chittister' shares women's correspondence with Sister Joan

Book Review: For editor Jessie Bazan, Dear Joan Chittister was an opportunity to share the sense of hope that women in the church were able to cultivate, despite the weight of the topics they discussed.

Book Review

Three books on unbelief read best in conversation

Book Reviews: Most are familiar with atheists, agnostics and, of course, the nones, the growing demographic that claims no religious affiliation. Each of these books seem to make a reasonable contribution to understandings of the variety of modes of unbelief.