Book Review

'Dear Joan Chittister' shares women's correspondence with Sister Joan

Book Review: For editor Jessie Bazan, Dear Joan Chittister was an opportunity to share the sense of hope that women in the church were able to cultivate, despite the weight of the topics they discussed.

Book Review

Three books on unbelief read best in conversation

Book Reviews: Most are familiar with atheists, agnostics and, of course, the nones, the growing demographic that claims no religious affiliation. Each of these books seem to make a reasonable contribution to understandings of the variety of modes of unbelief.

James Carroll: 'Story of the church and the West could have gone another way'

In James Carroll's newest novel, The Cloister, the Catholic Church's relationship with the "other" is examined through parallel narratives that span centuries and continents. The author gave an email interview with NCR to discuss the novel, his 12th.

Book Review

Author unearths zombies' theological underpinnings

Book Review: In Living With the Living Dead, Greg Garrett dissects pop culture's zombie craze to see what spiritual and cultural needs such stories serve in times of upheaval.