Antoine de Tarlé is a regular contributor to the French Jesuit monthly Études.

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Abuse report only first step in long reckoning for French Catholic Church

Commentary: The French church is engulfed in a major and perhaps fatal crisis due to a devastating report on 70 years of sexual abuse by at least 3,000 clerics and laypeople working for Catholic organizations.


The Trump presidency and Europe's dilemma

If the U.S. is missed in the international community, the loss may be felt in the leadership role it assumed, in spite of its flaws, fighting for human rights and the freedom of information.


Catholic divisions surface in French presidential elections

Paris -- For the first time in 40 years, the Catholic vote was a factor in France’s presidential elections — the exact role it played is under debate.


Will France's Marine Le Pen achieve a third victory for the right wing?

Despite support in rural and suburban areas, the head of the far-right, xenophobic National Front faces more challenges than Trump or Brexit — including her even more extremist niece.