Austen Ivereigh is a British Catholic journalist. He has written two biographies of Pope Francis, The Great Reformer and Wounded Shepherd, and collaborated with the pontiff on the 2020 volume Let Is Dream: The Path to a Better Future.

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Pope Francis' reforms make the heresy-hunting Vatican of John Paul II barely recognizable

Pope Francis' new constitution for the Roman Curia, Praedicate Evangelium, is a reform aimed at nothing less than a conversion of the way power is exercised in and from Rome, and by extension in the global Catholic Church.


Francis, US bishops and defending Communion from political manipulation

Commentary: Just as the true meaning of the Eucharist needs to be defended from those who would use it for publicity, it needs to be defended from those who would use it to divide the worthy from the unworthy.

Controversial Chilean bishop's appointment continues to divide diocese

Priests and laypeople in Osorno are angry and bewildered at the way their local church has been steamrollered and their appeals ignored.


Latin America emerges as the new source church under Pope Francis

Analysis: The cardinals didn't just elect the man but a program, one that found expression in the document produced by the Latin American bishops in Aparecida, Brazil, in May 2007.