South African bishops: Zuma's resignation was long overdue

Jacob Zuma's resignation as president of South Africa is long overdue, the country's bishops said, noting that his presidency fostered corruption and dereliction of duty at all levels of government.

Zimbabwe's church leaders discuss how to respond to military takeover

A Catholic official in Zimbabwe said church leaders' experience working together "will serve us well" as they tried to decide how to respond to the military seizing power.

For 20 million people, conflict added to drought means no food to eat

Conflict and drought are threatening more than 20 million people in four countries with the prospect of famine, and the U.N. has called this the largest humanitarian crisis since the world body was formed.

South African Council of Churches calls for dissolution of parliament

Following its own findings of severe corruption in government, the South African Council of Churches called for the dissolving of parliament and new general elections.