Carol J. Dempsey, Ph.D., a Dominican Sister from Caldwell, New Jersey, and professor of biblical studies at the University of Portland, Oregon, is the author of eight books, editor of 10 books, and is currently working on Isaiah for Liturgical Press' Wisdom Commentary Series. She specializes in prophets and feminist hermeneutics.

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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time: All creation is prophetic

Scripture for Life: For those of us who dare to act prophetically like Jeremiah and Jesus in our world hungering for hope, vision and justice, we have the promise of presence — "I am with you to deliver you," says the holy one, whose power working within us continually empowers us for the work to be done.


Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time: Enlarging our tents

Scripture for Life: The Gospel reading focuses on love: love of God, love of self and love of neighbor. But what is love? And who is our neighbor?


Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Reassessing laws and traditions

Scripture for Life: When laws and traditions become ends unto themselves, "doctrine" used to sustain mausoleums built with bricks and mortar reflective of times past, then the Spirit will have difficulty in renewing the face of the earth.


Feast of the Holy Trinity: Joyful laughter

Scripture for Life: Recognizing the contributions that quantum physics has made to spirituality, perhaps a new understanding of Trinity is energy, that which exists at the center of all created matter.