Carol J. Dempsey, Ph.D., a Dominican Sister from Caldwell, New Jersey and professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Portland, Oregon, is the author of eight books, editor of ten books, and is currently working on Isaiah for Liturgical Press’ Wisdom Commentary Series. She specializes in Prophets and feminist hermeneutics.

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First Sunday of Advent: Whom shall we encounter?

Scripture for Life: Rarely do we take time to think about and explore the rhetoric and imagery for "God" in Scripture and lectionary texts.


Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Margins speak truth

Scripture for Life: This Sunday’s readings invite everyone to and into the margins, if some of us are not already there. To be Christian in the context of the Gospel is to embrace life on the margins.


Pentecost Sunday: The power of the Spirit

Scripture for Life: The gift of Easter and Pentecost, the gift of the Christ, is peace, which is a gift of the Spirit. Peace, the hope of all creation, is the gift given, now waiting for humanity to bring it to fruition.


Fifth Sunday of Lent: We are not dead

Scripture for Life: Dare we allow the stones that encase and entomb the spirit be rolled away so that the spirit can be the life-giving force and transformative energy it is meant to be?