Religious leaders worldwide, across faiths who died in 2020

Many religious leaders — some admired worldwide, others beloved only locally — died in 2020. Here are some of them.

More US churches commit to racism-linked reparations

These efforts reflect a widespread surge of interest among many U.S. religious groups in the area of reparations, particularly among long-established Protestant churches that were active in the era of slavery. 

Report finds flaws in Catholic Church abuse-prevention plans

Child-protection policies adopted by Roman Catholic leaders to curb clergy sex abuse in the United States are inconsistent and often worryingly incomplete, according to a think tank's two-year investigation encompassing all 32 of the country's archdioceses.

If Barrett joins, Supreme Court would have six Catholics

Roman Catholics account for a bit more than 20% of the U.S. population, yet they are on track to hold six of the Supreme Court's nine seats now that President Donald Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to fill its vacancy.