68% of US Catholics say Roe should be left alone, poll says

A new poll found 63% of U.S. Catholic adults say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, and 68% say Roe should be left as is. Those views were in line with the overall American public on the issues.

Report: Top Southern Baptists stonewalled sex abuse victims

Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention stonewalled and denigrated survivors of clergy sex abuse over almost two decades while seeking to protect their own reputations, according to a scathing 288-page investigative report issued Sunday.

Rejection or welcome: Transgender Catholics encounter both

For transgender Catholics across the United States, retaining their faith can entail complex calculations. They face rebukes from some fellow Catholics, including many bishops, yet find full acceptance in some premises of the church.

What's your religion? In US, a common reply now is 'none'

According to a survey released Dec. 14 by the Pew Research Center, the group commonly known as the "nones" — the religiously unaffiliated — now constitute 29% of American adults. That's up from 23% in 2016 and 19% in 2011.