Chaldean archbishop urges Iraqi Catholics to stay and help rebuild

Iraqi Christians who are considering leaving the country should stay put and play a role in rebuilding their war-shattered homeland, a senior prelate said in Paris. "For me, staying and resisting as a Christian minority is the right way," Chaldean Archbishop Yousif Mirkis of Kirkuk told reporters during a visit to France to raise awareness and funds for an interfaith educational project he oversees.

French government battles intolerance with new public relations campaign

French authorities have released hard-hitting messages against hate speech and discrimination in hiring as part of the three-year, $115 million (100 million euro) bid to fight racism and discrimination. 

French cardinal accused of cover-up in widening abuse scandal

The French Prime Minister called on Cardinal Philippe Barbarin to "assume his responsibilities" amid pedophilia cover-up allegations.


European Catholic bishops call for regional action ahead of Paris climate talks

Climate change and the refugee crisis are the two biggest challenges facing Europe that need a unified response recognizing the “ecological debt” richer nations owe poorer ones, the president of Europe’s Roman Catholic bishops conference said on Thursday.

“We need solidarity,” said Cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich and Freising, who also heads the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community. “The church can speak out and say it’s absolutely necessary to act now in solidarity, especially in Europe.”