Jennifer Vosters is a writer and theater artist from southeastern Wisconsin.

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The radical, healing message of 'A Christmas Carol'

A Christmas Carol is a mirror of our world: choked by disease, inequity and poverty, with the gap between the wealthy and the poor seemingly insurmountable. Until, by the grace of grace, it’s not. Until a heart of stone is broken open.

Book Review

New novel asks: What if next pandemic kills off male species?

Book review: Some women lose everything from the Great Male Plague; others gain power, prestige, freedom and fortune. Some can barely cope with their spouses' deaths; others relish their new autonomy. Some even manage to find love.

Netflix's 'Space Sweepers' asks us to reject a throwaway culture

South Korea's first space blockbuster strikes a chord for the Catholic viewer in its stark portrayal of a world where the privileged few determine that the majority of humanity — and the entire planet along with it — is disposable.


In an age of institutional failure, 'Star Wars' is saving my faith

Commentary: Science fiction is by nature prophetic; fantasy is by nature a spiritual exercise. And we are, after all, a storytelling religion. One character's journey in the animated "Star Wars" series stands as an example to me as a member of the Catholic Church.