Jon Magnuson is executive director of the Cedar Tree Institute in Marquette, Michigan.

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Indigenous leader Ted George was a 'fire carrier' who bridged cultures

Appreciation: Ted George now joins the ancestors. He leaves behind important lessons about community organizing, resiliency, and the gifts and personal costs that come along with a devotion to cross-cultural justice work.

Book Review

Historian explores what global weather changes mean for faith communities

Book review: In Climate, Catastrophe, and Faith, Philip Jenkins takes a deep dive into religion and science to explore climate change and religious upheaval, concluding with a haunting prediction.


Time of the Hunger Moon: saints, wolves and the global pandemic

Commentary: There is a price we have paid for disrupting natural systems of self-regulation. Controversy about the gray wolf offers clues to such hidden connections. Yet, a legend of St. Francis offers hope.

Good Friday street-level Stations in a city full of wealth and power

Thirty of us move in procession around the Seattle streets that border a historic, cobblestoned park called Pioneer Square. We accompany Jesuit Fr. Pat Twohy and a homeless man who carries a cross, nailed together from two pieces of discarded driftwood.