Joni Woelfel, a regular contributor to Soul Seeing, writes from Spicer, Minnesota.

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Book Review

Brian Doyle's novel 'Cat's Foot' is a remarkable adventure in reading

Book review: An obvious labor of love by the late Brian Doyle, Cat's Foot is about finding the sacred in the ordinary, forging a sense of wonder through minute exquisite details, and facing the truths and cruelty of war.


The joy of turtles

Soul Seeing: For many years now, I have pondered the story of the turtles, wondering why it moved people so. I decided it was because of the happy ending. Life is filled with challenges, hardships, suffering and loss for all of us; we've all known heartbreak. 


Reflective writing's call is to pay attention, to be awake and aware

Soul Seeing: Reflective writers are interested in seeing connections everywhere. They are in tune with colors, scents, music, feelings, emotions, nature — details!


Ambition becomes quiet passion for life

Soul Seeing: If love is a lantern in our hand, I see the true spirit of ambition as the keeper of the flame — an eternal energy in our hearts put there by God to encourage, guide and draw us forward all the days of our lives, good, bad, light, dark, and everything in between.