Reach for mercy, reach for joy

Soul Seeing: The word reach means to stretch out, extend or arrive at, and it marks an evolution through the stages of life.

Nurturing a permeable soul inch by inch

When my husband and I decided to build a small addition onto our house, I learned a new term: permeable. Permeable means capable of being penetrated, especially by water. It refers to the amount of square footage a property is required to have that is not cement or a solid, impenetrable surface.

Seeing the past with the grateful eye of the soul

Soul Seeing: "Thank you," I wrote to my dying dad in 1976. "Thank you for raising me on the farm."

Love can shine through our evolving faces

Soul Seeing: Eighteen years ago, my face became paralyzed following surgery for Meniere's disease. The left side of my face droops like melting wax.