Ambition becomes quiet passion for life

Soul Seeing: If love is a lantern in our hand, I see the true spirit of ambition as the keeper of the flame — an eternal energy in our hearts put there by God to encourage, guide and draw us forward all the days of our lives, good, bad, light, dark, and everything in between.


The important thing is to keep planting and not give up

Soul Seeing: Dormancy, waiting, blossoming, withering, dying and beginning again is the journey of God being reborn in the crib of our hearts all our lives through.


The good that rises when the bottom falls out of life

Soul Seeing: For many of us, this is evidence of the divine presence always there, filling the spaces between control, surrender and letting go all our lives through.

Reach for mercy, reach for joy

Soul Seeing: The word reach means to stretch out, extend or arrive at, and it marks an evolution through the stages of life.