First U.S. exonerated death row prisoner dies

David Keaton, the first man in the U.S. to be exonerated from death row, died July 3 in Florida.

Vision, dedication lead to opening of comprehensive center for homeless

Self-made millionaire and Catholic Rick Kearney has spent the last 28 years building an outreach of ministries for the homeless and needy of Tallahassee.

Peace groups, exonerated inmates rally to call for an end to Florida's death penalty

The death penalty "offends my faith," one pastor said. "It doesn't deter crime, and it puts vengeance ahead of justice. It is an international embarrassment.

When the killer is unremorseful, it's hard to say execution is wrong

Sometimes it is so difficult to be against the death penalty, even for Catholics who support this pro-life issue. Intellectually we know, as Florida Catholic Conference Director Michael McCarron says, “Killing someone to prove killing is wrong,” but when we learn of a heinous crime and the murderer shows no remorse, it is hard to hold onto that truth.

Florida is set to execute 58-year-old David Gore by lethal injection, Thursday, April 12. Gore acknowledges he brutally murdered five women and has never shown any remorse for his crimes. As his death approaches, will he? Only God knows.