Kelly Stewart earned her Master of Arts in Religion at Yale Divinity School, where she studied feminist and queer theory and Catholic sexual and reproductive ethics. She is a former Loretto Volunteer.

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Book Review

'The Ethics of Encounter' makes Catholic social teaching more accessible

Book Review: The author argues that Catholic social teaching offers invaluable resources for navigating contemporary social problems and building what he calls a "culture of encounter" in a country beset by individualism, social division and unjust hierarchy.

Book Review

Memoir of a millennial steelworker

Book review: Rust offers a liberal take on the Trump Country genre, written by former steelworker Eliese Colette Goldbach, a millennial feminist from a lower-middle-class Catholic Republican family in Cleveland.

Book Review

Abortion and the 'muddled middle'

Book Review: Caught in the tension between their respect for the value of human life, one the one hand, and their belief that there are meaningful differences between a zygote and third-trimester fetus, on the other, most Christians, the author thinks, cannot be neatly categorized as "pro-life" or "pro-choice."

LGBT groups continue valuable work, despite losing space during World Meeting

Grace on the Margins: This week's news about the presence (or not) of LGBT voices at next month's World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia was disheartening, if unsurprising.