Kelly Stewart earned her Master of Arts in Religion at Yale Divinity School, where she studied feminist and queer theory and Catholic sexual and reproductive ethics. She is a former Loretto Volunteer.

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LGBT groups continue valuable work, despite losing space during World Meeting

Grace on the Margins: This week's news about the presence (or not) of LGBT voices at next month's World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia was disheartening, if unsurprising.

Ray Rice and Redemption Narratives

Grace on the Margins: Recent comments about Ray Rice were reminiscent of the troubling ways in which many Christians, especially clergy, talk about abuse.

Hard-line positions such as anti-abortion carry costs

If you want to ban or seriously restrict access to abortion, it is not enough to believe deeply that abortion is wrong.

It is too soon to declare sexual assault and racist violence things of the past

Grace on the Margins: Frameworks that assume the over-and-doneness of struggles for justice cannot account for UVA or Ferguson, Steubenville or Eric Garner.