How a committee report offered comfort to sex abuse survivors

Commentary: As part of a committee Bishop Christopher Coyne of Burlington, Vermont, formed to establish a list of the credibly accused priests of his diocese, I know our work mattered.


Gospel's poor widow is homeless in Vermont

Soul Seeing: As the director of a nonprofit organization in Burlington, Vermont, that helps homeless and at-risk teenagers, one of my principal duties is fundraising. This is what happened on one "Free Burrito Day."


My immediate reaction was to back down

Soul Seeing: Years ago, the Catholic Guardian Society purchased a home in my Brooklyn neighborhood with a plan to convert it to a residence for adults with developmental disabilities. My neighbors were determined to block it.


Care for those in need, don't worry about 'credit'

Soul Seeing: "What's credit?" Those words have crossed my mind many times in the ensuing decades, whenever I am tempted to seek recognition for something, whenever I feel jealousy over an award or accomplishment earned by a peer, or when I feel resentment.