Do Democrats and Republicans worship the same God?

Commentary: The God at the Democratic National Convention was far different than the God at the Republican convention. I'm afraid it's no longer true that that we worship the same "awesome God" in the blue states as in the red.


Home for a visit, a year after leaving the church

A couple things I have learned this last year: I'm not going to become an Episcopalian, or anything else, for one thing because Catholicism gives you a whole way of looking at the world, seen and unseen, that it's far too late to repeal and replace.


Why I left the church, and what I'm hearing about it

I just couldn't continue to help prop up an institution that I've loved my whole life, but that's run by men who, after all this time, are dithering still in response to the devastation done by child abusers in collars.

The stolen children: Abuse scandals, thefts of newborns contribute to increased distrust in Chilean church

"You see the distance between the people and the church authorities; the people need to see in their authorities their own problems and lives."