Irish commission finds human remains at former church-run home

The commission set up to investigate the treatment of unmarried mothers and their babies in Irish care homes during the 20th century say it has found "significant" human remains at the site of a former home in western Ireland.

A spokesman for the commission said March 3 that the body was shocked by the discovery made in Tuam, County Galway, at the site formerly managed by the Bon Secours religious order.

Irish Bishop Edward Daly, known as Bloody Sunday priest, dies at 82

Bishop Edward Daly of Derry, known for his tireless advocacy for peace and reconciliation during decades of sectarian tension in Northern Ireland, died in a hospital in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Aug. 8.

Daly, who retired in 1993 due to ill health after suffering a stroke, was 82. He had suffered from cancer.

Northern Ireland's bishops call court ruling on abortion 'disquieting'

The Catholic bishops of Northern Ireland have described as "profoundly disquieting" a High Court ruling that the region's ban on abortion in all, very limited circumstances breaches human rights legislation.

Former Irish President McAleese discusses her decision to defy church leaders

"I am ashamed, frankly, of my church's failure to be a champion of gay rights and women's rights," former Irish President Mary McAleese has said.