Canadian bishop: Pope can't visit just to apologize to indigenous

Pope Francis will not visit Canada to personally apologize for the suffering endured by indigenous Canadians at residential schools, said the president of the Canadian bishops' conference.

Interfaith leaders ask Canada to drop attestation for summer jobs funding

Eighty-seven religious leaders, including Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins, have united to call on the Canadian government to strike down a new policy that requires organizations seeking summer jobs grants to confirm support for the pro-abortion and gender policies of the Liberal Party.

Churches, NGOs take Canada to court over refugee pact with U.S.

Canadian churches and NGOs take the government to court: "The U.S. was never safe for all refugees and now is even less safe," said Loly Rico.

Advocates expect to see more asylum seekers cross U.S.-Canadian border

Canada can expect to see more asylum seekers crossing its nearly 6,600-mile, mostly unguarded, border with the U.S. as enforcement toughens and executive orders restrain refugee arrivals.