Michael Wright is a father of three, retired NASA engineer, licensed social worker in Pennsylvania and freelance writer on the environment and faith. His articles have appeared in national publications, including Catholic Update, Liguorian and U.S. Catholic. Michael is the editor of the Catholic Climate Covenant's Homily Helps series, and is a climate-aware therapist with the Climate Psychology Alliance of North America.

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We must choose leaders who take all threats to life seriously, including climate change

Commentary: The Supreme Court seems poised to overturn Roe v. Wade. But its conservative supermajority does not bode well for other morally grave issues before the court, including those involving the environment.


Discovering a 'great grace' in the time of COVID-19

Commentary: This time of shared crisis affords us a serendipitous opportunity to grow beyond ourselves by considering how our actions can affect others and creation itself


In the voting booth, weigh climate change as a pro-life issue

Eco Catholic: As Catholic Christians, we are called to value life "in all its stages." This means we are also called to value that which sustains life — including the environment.


'Laudato Si' ' at 2: Have Francis' words been taken seriously?

Eco Catholic: I doubt Pope Francis intended for his environmental encyclical to be simply good bedtime reading. But in the "mainstream" U.S. Catholic Church, it seems not much has changed.