We are an Easter people

Daily Easter Reflections: For many years I kept a note card on my refrigerator that proclaimed the message: "We are an Easter people." I was sent the note from a parishioner, a mother of 13 and grandmother of more, who was living with advanced-stage breast cancer at the time the card was written.


Mystagogia in the parish

Daily Easter Reflections: "To the tombs I went to mourn the hope I thought was gone. Here among you I awoke to unexpected dawn."


Deepening our faith in the midst of daily life

Daily Lenten Reflections: March is the time of year when we take stock, make amends and resolve to do better as we immerse ourselves in the spiritual disciplines of Lent. 

Communion of Saints: Our beloved dead are with us now

Celebration Publications: When a loved one dies, we often long for one more conversation, one more hug, one more loving look at the other. We wonder where they are and sometimes question our belief in eternal life. But our beloved dead are still with us. They are with us because they are with God.