New Quebec law about state neutrality on religion under fire

The new Quebec law on state neutrality on religion is under fire, as many deem it "discriminatory" against some Muslim women.


Quebec Trappists renew spiritual life in their eco-friendly abbey

The Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance's new Trappist abbey, known for its cutting-edge ecological architecture, has become pivotal in the monks' sweeping spiritual renewal.

Canadian files lawsuit, says Pius X Secular Institute ignored abuse

A $367,000 (US$274,000) lawsuit filed in Quebec Superior Court charged the Pius X Secular Institute and its officials of ignoring abuse that occurred on the institute grounds in Quebec City in the 1970s and 1980s.

Andre Lachance, 48, filed the suit claiming he was sexually abused by his uncle, Jean-Paul Lachance, a lay missionary and member of the institute. Andre Lachance, then a boy, claimed the abuse occurred when he was visiting his uncle, who committed suicide in 2014, after having been accused by two different plaintiffs of indecent exposure.

Profile of a refugee: Former Colombian journalist, now deacon in Canada

Deacon Arismendy Lozada was a well-known personality in Colombia but fled to Canada to stay alive. He is now in charge of the Latino community of the Archdiocese of Quebec.