Rebecca Collins Jordan is an educator in New York City. Originally from Oregon, she is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary and the University of Montana. 
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Why I have the assurance of 'things not seen' for this election

Young Voices: "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for; the conviction of things not seen." The chapter in Hebrews goes on to outline the painstakingly persistent faith of Genesis' heroes, faith taken by many people throughout many ages.

Book Review

Finally, a refreshing new book on millennials and religion

Book review: Back-Pocket God does not tell the usual story of hostility or intergenerational warfare about young adults and faith. Rather, the study suggests that young people have no ill feeling toward organized religion, but no need for it either.


The world is starved for mercy. Here's what to do

Young Voices: Injustice stands despite many people's best efforts, seemingly powerless against an increasingly autocratic wall of policies and institutions shielded by eroding federal transparency.


A nation possessed: white supremacy and the devil

Young Voices: As a white woman who grew up in liberal circles in the Pacific Northwest, I have spent recent years wondering if white liberals rejected the devil for the right reasons.