Rebecca Collins Jordan is an educator in New York City. Originally from Oregon, she is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary and the University of Montana. 
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A nation possessed: white supremacy and the devil

Young Voices: As a white woman who grew up in liberal circles in the Pacific Northwest, I have spent recent years wondering if white liberals rejected the devil for the right reasons.


To strive, seek, find and not yield policies that put people first

Young Voices: We're in the throes of an election that could sink or float the faith of a generation of progressives. As much as I am nervous to admit it, I think what the Democratic Party needs is the idealism of Ulysses.


The cloisters of our homes: shelter-in-place as vocation

Young Voices: Shut into my home all day except for a brief walking respite, I have come to know these walls and windows well. And I have started to reframe my reality as a temporary monastic calling.


We all have paper stars of some sort

Young Voices: I've stopped looking for solutions. This is a story about the people who, whether they know it or not, have planted mysterious and fleeting seeds of hope.