Rebecca Collins Jordan is an educator in New York City. Originally from Oregon, she is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary and the University of Montana. 
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To strive, seek, find and not yield policies that put people first

Young Voices: We're in the throes of an election that could sink or float the faith of a generation of progressives. As much as I am nervous to admit it, I think what the Democratic Party needs is the idealism of Ulysses.


The cloisters of our homes: shelter-in-place as vocation

Young Voices: Shut into my home all day except for a brief walking respite, I have come to know these walls and windows well. And I have started to reframe my reality as a temporary monastic calling.


We all have paper stars of some sort

Young Voices: I've stopped looking for solutions. This is a story about the people who, whether they know it or not, have planted mysterious and fleeting seeds of hope.


The spirit of the West helps me find models of faith

Young Voices: I know I am not the only one for whom the West Coast was an inspiration and a vocational challenge, and today I wish to recognize a few of those people — Catholic women whose stories might mean little to most, but everything to me.