Louisiana parishioners find 'I prayed' stickers help evangelize

The Field Hospital: "It's been fun, a fun way to engage the community, a fun way to be a proud Catholic in our community."


Baton Rouge Hispanic Apostolate concerned by city's actions after flood

Officials of the Baton Rouge diocese’s Hispanic Apostolate expressed concern about encounters with the Mayor's Office of Homeland Security via email and a personal visit in the days following August's historic flooding.

Julia Scarnato, who recently joined the apostolate staff, and Fr. Eliecer Montanez-Grimaldos, chaplain, questioned if the government agency may have been using the office as an unwilling conduit to track down and arrest immigrants living in the country illegally.


Historic flooding in Louisiana has changed region forever, many say

Eco Catholic: While the floodwaters have receded, its impact upon the lives of Louisian residents will linger for some time.


Katrina evacuees found shelter, relief in Baton Rouge diocese

Ten years later the memories still linger for Carol Spruell, as if they happened yesterday but perhaps were a lifetime ago.

She remembers the chaos, despair, uncertainty and the cries for help from so many and workweeks that had no end in the days and months following Hurricane Katrina. She also remembers the lines, droves of desperate people who had lost everything in Katrina's floodwater, who were seeking any modicum of relief, whether it was articles of clothing, a bus ticket to a relative's house outside of the area or assistance in finding a place to live.