Robert Christian is the editor of Millennial, an online periodical on religion, politics and culture by millennial Catholics.

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Are we all in this together? Now is not the time to give up on building solidarity

Commentary: At a time of widespread dysfunction, death and despair, we do not have the sense that we are all in this together. And this is what is needed to rebuild our democracy and challenge a throwaway culture.


Choose civic patriotism over ethnic nationalism

Commentary: A pernicious competing vision has challenged civic nationalism throughout U.S. history. It is an ethnic nationalism that is dedicated to the preservation and strengthening of white supremacy.


Here's how Catholics can help revitalize democracy during the next four years

Commentary: Polarization did not end with Biden's election. The structural factors driving it remain in place. But people committed to the common good can take concrete steps to help us move forward together.

Poverty, injustice still drive migration from Guatemala

NCR Today: Programs like the Barbara Ford Peace Center and SEGAMIL cannot address Guatemala's larger structural problems, but their life-transforming work does foster local development and save lives.