Tom Doyle is a priest, canon lawyer, addictions therapist and long-time supporter of justice and compassion for clergy sex abuse victims.

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Cardinal Law's complex role in the contemporary history of clergy sexual abuse

In case you missed it, insight on Cardinal Law, from a close observer: Law's actions as archbishop were the catalyst for far-reaching changes in Catholic clerical culture and in the victims' and laity's realization that their days as docile, silent sheep are forever dead.

Pope calls bishops' negligence a crime: this is important

Bishop Accountability: Long time abuse victim's advocate praises pope's plan to hold bishops accountable for hiding sex abuse.

How clergy abuse survivors have changed history

30 years later: This dark side has always existed. In our era, it has been the catalyst for a complex, deeply rooted paradigm shift.

Bishop Robert Finn: the rest of the story

Opinion: The Vatican's sterile announcement of Bishop Robert Finn's resignation was an unsuccessful attempt to sanitize the harsh reality of a failed bishop.