Tim Kaine is the Democratic Senator for Virginia and was the vice presidential running mate of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

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A Catholic senator's view on Biden and the bishops

Commentary by Sen. Tim Kaine: Bishops contemplating a declaration that some public officials are unworthy to receive Communion should recall that, by church doctrine, no one is worthy to receive Communion, even bishops.


Let America be an island of mercy for immigrants, refugees

Building a Common Future: As I await President Joe Biden's inauguration and think of the millions abandoning the dangers of one home in search for the safety of another, I recall the opening of Gaudium et Spes.


Sen. Tim Kaine offers to dialogue with Archbishop Naumann

Perspective: I am personally opposed to abortion yet support its legality. Archbishop Naumann is personally opposed to abortion and wants to make it illegal. This is an important area for thoughtful dialogue.