Catholic priest with a taste for 'self-bondage' returned to ministry

The bishop of Springfield, Ill., has returned a priest to ministry after an internal investigation into what the priest's own clinical therapist had diagnosed as "non-sexual self-bondage."

Breakaway St. Louis parish mulls joining the Episcopalians

A breakaway Catholic church that stood up to three bishops and weathered a decade-long legal fight is on the verge of becoming a parish in the Episcopal church.

Gay Catholic priest comes out to an uncertain future

After publishing a book on being a gay Catholic priest, Fr. Gary Meier knows he risks his priesthood while drawing attention to the church's stance on homosexuality.

Grief could be classified as mental illness after diagnostic changes

Each year 90,000 parents in the U.S. confront the profound suffering that follows the death of a child or adolescent.

Some of those rely on faith to help them through their grief. Others look to psychiatrists, who offer therapy or prescribe antidepressants to help ease their patients’ pain.

On May 18, in a move that could add to the tension between religion and science, the American Psychiatric Association changed a controversial diagnosis regarding how grief relates to mental health.