Can U.S. bishops' support of discrimination against LGBT be sustained?

Commentary: The U.S. bishops' conference continues to assert the fundamental human dignity of all human beings while maintaining that there can be not "unjust discrimination" against LGBT persons. Catholic social teaching is clear: discrimination on the basis of sex or gender is always unjust and immoral.


The end of the affair? 'Humanae Vitae' at 50

Humanae Vitae: On July 29, 1968, Pope Paul VI published his encyclical on the regulation of birth, introducing what we call here the Humanae Vitae affair. Now approaching its golden jubilee, the encyclical was published at a time of twofold crisis, one theological, the other cultural. 


The scandal may be in not holding funerals for gay spouses, theologians say

Regarding Catholic funeral rites for a deceased person in a same-sex marriage, public scandal is more likely to be caused by bishops' restrictive behavior than by permitting a funeral for a gay spouse.


In Amoris Laetitia, Francis' model of conscience empowers Catholics

Pope Francis' conscience model, emphasizing individual conscience, differs from his two predecessors and provides a faithful, merciful guide to Catholics, especially couples in irregular situations.