Yunuen Trujillo is an immigration attorney, a faith-based community organizer and a lay minister. She is the religious formation coordinator (Spanish) with the Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and the founder of the Instagram @LGBTCatholics.

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Whatever the obstacles, Biden's Build Back Better plan must help undocumented immigrants

Many immigrants have been living in a perpetual state of Advent. After building lives here for decades, we are already Americans. No matter what happens to the Build Back Better Act, a pathway to citizenship for long-term undocumented immigrants must be made a reality.


Catholic social teaching calls for collaboration with Biden administration on LGBTQ policies

Commentary: President Joe Biden's record shows he highly values Catholic social teaching, and it is in social teaching that we will find common ground to build sensible policies toward LGBTQ persons, a part of the body of Christ.


3 reasons some Latino Catholics lean toward Trump, and what the church can do

Commentary: There are some factors that can help us understand why President Donald Trump is faring well in some Latinx circles, without forgetting that a majority of Latinos will never support him.