Another Challenge from Francis

I had saved this post from Vatican Insider and then forgot to put up the link previously. Pope Francis, in another one of his daily homilies at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, warns against lukewarmness in our faith, and how that happens when we make ourselves the measure, not Christ.

Again, and again, and again, I invite readers to think about the way Pope Francis is challenging everyone to renew themselves in Christ through fidelity to His Church, and not to see if the new pope is proving himself open to our special interests, or showing that he is "on our side" in the ideological divisions within the Church. Something more profound is being asked of us, of all of us, in these homilies. There will always be ideological differentness. Some of us our born into the world with a liberal heart and others with a conservative one. But, the faith must go deeper than that disposition, qualify it, nurture it when it is healthy and challenge it when it is excessive. In this homilies, Pope Francis is preaching a very simple Christianity in a very complicated world and Church. I think his sermons are wonderful. I just hope we all still have the ears to hear. 

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