Big News From Indiana

A new poll in the Indiana Senate race shows Democrat Joe Donnelly opening up a significant lead, 47% to 36%, over Republican Richard Mourdock. Donnelly is a pro-life Democrat which makes him, like a pro-immigration reform Republican, gold. As well, Mourdock has disgraced himself twice, first by demonstrating an allergy to bipartisanship, which is the last thing DC needs, and second by doing such a dreadful job of explaining why his commitment to the sanctity of life should be reflected in law.

There are four Senate races that are near and dear to my heart. Bob Casey is a hero. Tim Kaine is one of the most decent politicians in public life. In Connecticut, my home state, a state that once sent Abe Ribicoff to the Senate, should not disgrace itself by sending Linda McMahon. But, of them all, the Indiana race is the most hopeful. A Red State stands up to Tea Party craziness and backs a centrist, pro-life Democrat. For a political junkie, pro-life Dem like me, life does not get better than that! 

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