A Bishop Who "Gets It"

Yesterday, I mentioned the recent meeting between a group of young theologians and a group of bishops, organized by the USCCB's Doctrine Committee. I have since read the keynote speech at that event, delivered by Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville. It is a tour de force in every regard, from his deft relating of Benedict's teachings with Francis' example, to his urging the theologians to take seriously the faith of the unlettered, to his trenchant observations about modern culture. Here is one of many money quotes:

In short, I am suggesting that our catechetical and theological efforts are prone to be too cerebral. People do need to get out more. If we want to learn what Jesus means when he says we have to lose ourselves in order to find ourselves, it is necessary that we invite people to the experience of this losing and finding. Because Christ comes in the flesh, the whole announcement of the faith is about a truth that erupts into love that must express itself in the flesh.
You can read the entire text, and it is not short but is well worth the effort, by clicking here.

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