Catholic League Grumbling

The results on Tuesday caused many conservatives' heads to explode. After all, everyone they spoke to was voting against Obama. After all, Fox News demonstrated that the polls were all rigged in an elaborate effort to help Obama. After all, Obama was a European-loving, Muslim-loving, probably secretly a Muslim himself, except that he was a socialist too, and he wasn't even born here, and he believed all that nonsense about climate change, and well.....

Among those who had to swallow more reality than they would like was the Catholic League. This statement from Bill Donohue shows a level of unhinged from reality spunk (FOCA?) that speaks for itself. This is an important time in our nation's history. In political and legal terms, the role of religion in society, and especially its relationship to the government, is a matter of significance and import. It is a shame to have an organization such as the Catholic League led at such a moment by someone whose primarily mode of discourse is the paranoid rant.

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