"The Cult of the Self"

Here is a provocative essay by Michael Stafford in which he analyzes the "cult of the self" and the ways it can be confronted by Christian faith. He makes many interesting points, and I admire his trenchant writing style. I would only say that when we attack modernity, as attack it we must, we are more persuasive and convincing when we recognize the many wonderful things modernity has accomplished as well as pointing out its ugly side. Advances in modern medicine deserve a shout out. The advance of human rights too, even if certain notions of rights as the only vehicle for social organization is impoverished. &c. Still, Stafford is on to something and, what I most like about his essay is that it cuts both ways, both the political orthodoxies of the left and the right get called out equally in his frontal assault. But, let's give two cheers for modernity and, as well, not forget that the weight of the world is not entirely on our shoulders and it is okay to have a good stiff martini or two at the end of a long day.

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