Evangelicals Not All On Board Rel Liberty Fight

The Family Research Council, one of the nation's premiere conservative Christian organizations's, announced this week that it had hired retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin as its executive vice-president. This is very disturbing. Boykin has a long history of anti-Islamic fear-mongering and was, in fact, rebuked by President George W. Bush after Boykin said that the God of Islam was "an idol," a claim that fell beyond his competence as a general and, what is worse, endangered U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mark Silk at RNS also notes that in the letter from the Becket Fund regarding the Murfreesboro mosque, one name was conscpicuously absent: Rev. Richard Land, longtime head of the Southern Baptist Convention's Commission on Ethics and Religious Liberty. Land got a hero's welcome at Robbie George's religious liberty confab earlier this summer. Evidently, he is more particular about whose religious liberty he is willing to defend than he let on. If Catholics and Evangelicals Together can't agree on the religious freedom of Muslims to worship in a mosque they already built, on land they already own, I am not sure how they are going to come together on the seven sacraments.

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