First, Carr; Now Richard Land?

I think my job of surveying the web for nutty things conservative Christians say is about to become a whole lot easier.

We met Marjorie Jeffrey the other day when she penned a drive-by shooting of John Carr and published it at the website of the Institute for Religion & Democracy. This morning, a new piece attacking a group of evangelical pastors who support immigration reform because - heaven forfend - the group took some money from George Soros. The horror. Note to Mr. Soros - I am drowning in vet bills and will take some money if you wish to throw some my way!

My favorite sentence, however, is when Ms. Jeffrey points readers to the video the evangelical group prepared, called "I Was a Stranger." She calls the video "a truly masterful piece of emotional blackmail." I watched it and I did not see any blackmail, emotional or otherwise. What I did see was head shots of a variety of evangelical leaders, from Jim Wallis to Richard Land (Richard Land!), reading Matthew 25. That's it. Reading scripture - which is kind of what evangelicals do, yes?



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