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Garnett Responds to Camosy

Yesterday, I linked to Charles Camosy's article in the Washington Post on the Republicans having a Pope Francis problem.

Rick Garnett has responded at Mirror of Justice.

Both men make good points. I do wish to address one comment that Garnett makes, however. He notes that some liberals seem to take special comfort from the fact that certain conservatives are unsettled by the choice. He notes that apart from a few liturgical traditionalists, most of his conservative friends seem genuinely happy with the choice. I am glad that it is so. But, what Garnett must admit is that certain conservatives seem to be ignoring, or at least minimizing, some of the new pope's most obvious statements. To wit, and not to pick on George Weigel, Peggy Steinfels at Commonweal linked to an interview that Weigel did with NRO's Kathryn Jean Lopez. What struck me most about that interview is that neither Weigel nor Lopez mention two words: "the poor."

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