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Gene Robinson Owes Francis An Apology

In this morning's Washington Post, Eugene Robinson discusses Pope Francis' involvement with the Argentine junta, the crimes of which were legion. Robinson quotes a human rights activist  to the effect that then-Father Bergoglio did not rise to the occasion and confront the junta. He cites another book that makes a similar claim. Robinson finishes by asking Francis to atone.

Me thinks it is Robinson who needs to mark this essay down for his next trip to the confessional. In the news pages of the same morning paper, an Argentine human rights activist, Adolfo Perez Esquival, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work, is quoted as saying, "There were bishops who were complicit in the dictatorship. But not Bergoglio." I suppose this comment would have obstructed Robinson's narrative so he left it out, but surely he should be willing to introduce evidence that would require him to qualify his sweeping claim for atonement.

Robinson should go back to penning mindless, but innocuous, essays in praise of Sen Rand Paul for his foolish filibuster about drones.

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