Gov. Rick Scott: Worst Governor in US

Maybe the man just doesn't understand the root of the word "democracy," but Florida Gov. Rick Scott has announced he does not intend to abide by a cease and desist order from the Department of Justice regarding Scott's efforts to purge the voter rolls in his state. He says he is intent on making sure non-citizens do not vote, although as I pointed out last week, his "purge list" included many citizens, including a 91-year old veteran of World War II.

Gov. Scott, you may recall, has long had trouble with legal issues. Before he became governor, he ran a company that was accused of one of the largest Medicare frauds in history and they had to pay a $600 million fine for the fraudulent activities! Why would he let a little thing like the Voting Rights Act get in his way.

Gov. Scott earns my nomination as the worst governor in America, and that is an increasingly high hurdle.

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